Smizzle Medium Rolling Tray Bundle – White Pixel Captain Skull


Durable metal medium rolling tray built to last.  Clean white background makes Captain Skull your guest of honor in all parties.

Deep tray to keep everything confined and easily within reach.  This is the one tool you need to make your smoking experience as good as it should be.

– Brushed gold metal tray
– Medium Size: 10-5/8 x 6-1/4 x 7/8 inch
– Thickness: 0.35mm
– High gloss finish
– Gold bottom
– High edge with round corners

– TRIAL PACKS: One pack of 6-pcs Jack and one pack of 3-pc King cones.
– TUBES: Squeeze open tube. Fits 98mm pre-rolled cones. Material: Black PP

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Take a Smizzle Break!


Cones are made of ORGANIC HEMP!

With the special nautilus design, one single dot of adhesive on the tip holds the spiral wrapping tightly. You will never inhale any glue to spoil your experience, not to mention health.

Made with non-GMO and unrefined organic hemp paper for the most natural smoking experience.

Product Specs: Medium Rolling Tray, TWO (2) Medium Tubes, ONE (1) 6-pc Jack Trial Pack and ONE (1) 3-pc King Trial Pack Bundle

    Rolling Tray

  • One brushed metal tray. Measures 10-5/8 x 6-1/4 x 7/8. Material: 0.35mm gold tin. Individually polybagged
  • Design: White Captain Skull

    Blunt Tubes

  • Two squeeze open tubes. Fits 98mm pre-rolled cones. Material: Black PP

    Jack Trial Pack

  • One pack of 6-pc Jack (83mm) cones.
  • Try out a different size of Smizzle cones for your next purchase!

    King Trial Packs

  • One pack of 3-pc King (110mm) cones.
  • Try out a different size of Smizzle cones for your next purchase!

About Smizzle

Since 2014, we’ve been researching the best facility and equipment to manufacture our cones. After years of development, we have achieved a solid product that is poised to be a great fit for the pre-rolled tobacco paper market.

Our pre-rolled cones are a bit different from our competitors. While we insist on starting with nothing but the purest and natural raw material, we’ve also made a great improvement over our competitor brands – our cone is formed in spiral rather than rolled over. What’s the big deal? One word: glue.

Traditional cones from our competitors are formed by rolling over a piece of paper and glued along the overlapping edges. While this works just fine, you will inhale whatever glue was used to form the cone as you smoke. Some of our competitors claim they use natural gum. No matter how natural it is, you’re still basically smoking glue. Imagine what the gaseous form of glue will turn into once it gets into your body!

Our spiral method of forming a cone eliminates the need to place a large amount of glue to form the cone shape. We are all-natural as well. We learn our technique from nature itself. Think of the nautilus, the galaxy, or even your DNA double helix! The spiral formation just as strong and durable as the rolled-over method. And best of all, the spiral formation enables us to close the shape with a single dot of glue. The placement of this glue is on the tip of the cone so it never goes up in flame and inhaled!

Spiral formation of cones is just one of our many advantages! Try our Smizzle brand of cones and find out why we are better.

Smizzle Features:

How is Smizzle different from others? Don’t think a cone is just a cone, there are big differences:

Organic Hemp is the Best!

Our cones are made from 100% organic hemp! Healthy and tasty. Don’t pay more for brand marketing and get cheap paper, Smizzle’s premium hemp paper cost less because we don’t spend a bundle on advertising.


Hemp Paper


Smizzle is not just hemp, but ORGANIC HEMP!


Natural Rice Paper


Natural rice paper is not bleached, good.


Bleached Rice Paper


Bleached. How? Use lots of chlorine!

Don’t Inhale the Glue!!!

Stop sucking in all the glue! Yuck! Our unique spiral wrapping design with a single dot of glue strategically positioned so it’ll never burn is your ticket to healthier smoking.


Three Different Sizes for all Lifestyles!

Smizzle comes in Jack (83mm), Queen (98mm), and King (110mm) sizes. There’s a perfect size for your special occasion.


All the Smizzle Goodies:

Smizzle is not just another pretty cone. We have many features that stand out against our competitors.

An American Brand

We are an original American brand, not an European import or Asian brands. Our products are catered to the American market with American audience in mind. We design our products to be an integral part of the Americana culture.

Quality Guranteed

We guarntee that our quality to be as good as any of our competitors, if not better! If you shoud find our product not as good as claimed, send us the unused portion and we’ll do a complete refund.

Unrefined Organic Hemp

We use unrefined organic hemp as our raw material. This is unadulterated hemp fiber that was not processed with unhealthy chemicals or endure additional artificial refinement. This is about as natural as you can get.


Our raw material – hemp, is grown from non-GMO seeds. Nothing in our growing and harvesting process involve any genetically modified product. This ensures that you only burn the cleanest and healthiest stuff.

Chlorine Free

Goes without saying. Since we use unrefined hemp as our raw material, there’s obviously no Chlorine involved in bleaching our paper. Just know that the other brands with supposedly "rice paper" are, after all, bleached paper.

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