PetBro Flush ‘n Gone Poop Bag – 10 rolls (100 Bags)

PetBro Flush ‘n Gone Poop Bag – 10 rolls (100 Bags)


– Conveniently flush away smelly poop – Keep your home clean and sanitary.
– Super Beefy! 1.2 mil super extra thick – compare to 0.6 or 0.8 mil from others. Our bags are strong and durable.
– Biodegradable and Compostable. Breaks down to water and CO2. Friendly to earth, disintegrate completely in landfill and septic system.
– Disintegrate in septic system. You can flush away the poop with easily and conveniently.
– 10 bags per roll. No polyethylene plastic, made of PVA. Meets ASTM D6400.

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When you have pet waste to clean up in your house, you can now easily keep your home clean and stink-free – that’s why Flush ‘n Gone is the must-have for every pet owner.

Just place pet waste in our bag and flush it away! No need to leave it in your inside trash can that stinks up your home, and free yourself from the hassle of going outside every time there’s a waste bag to dispose of. With Flush ‘n Gone, our bags make clean-up easy and quick.

Flush ‘n Gone is not your ordinary waste bag – it transcends regular biodegradable bags that break down in our landfill, our bags dissolves in your septic system leaving only traces of H2O and CO2.

The same environmental-conscious property that makes Flush ‘n Gone dissolve in water also makes our bags compostable in your garden or compost. Again, once disintegrated, nothing but water and carbon dioxide are left behind.

Flush ‘n Gone is made to disintegrate in landfills. It will not take hundreds of years or pollute the ocean. Imagine how many poop bags all dog owners use on a daily basis. Now imagine all these poop bags taking hundreds of years to disintegrate. That’s going to be a whole lot of dog poops sealed inside virtually indestructible bags for hundreds of years! Don’t you wish all plastic bags are made to be biodegradable?

Flush ‘n Gone is made to be flushable. Yes! Put it in the toilet and flush it away. Nice and clean. No odors to stink up the house or trash can. Flush ‘n Gone is septic friendly. It dissolves into harmless H2O and CO2 once it’s immersed in your septic system. You won’t be able to do this with other regular poop bag or just any biodegradable bag. Only Flush ‘n Gone poop bags can be safely flushed.

Flush ‘n Gone poop bags can be place in the compost. It will decompose into harmless gases and will not leave chemical residue behind.


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